Kilcunda is a small community found on Gippsland’s rugged cliff tops.  It’s a special place, with ties to both the ocean and the land.  Down below waves crash, and rock pools fill, while up above cow’s roam and the eagle soars. 

Nestled at the foot of rolling green hills, Kilcunda is surrounded by nutrient rich pastures, productive farmland and small townships.  This is Gippsland in all its glory. 

The people of Gippsland are connected to this land.  Many families are self sufficient, sustainable and use traditional and organic farming methods.  They live a simple, but rich life.

Udder & hoe is a space dedicated to these people.  We endeavour to showcase their produce, honour their hard work, share their stories, and embrace their way of life.

udder & hoe

@ kilcunda general store  

slow food, slow living.